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There are still many many children in Rio de Janeiro who need our help. Every penny you donate or raise brings us closer to the total amount we need every month!

If you can offer a regular commitment, please do so! The less time we spend in fundraising the more time we have to help more and more children.

Task Brasil relies upon the generosity of our kind supporters so, as always, we would like to thank each and every one of you who has supported us throughout the years whether by making a donation or organizing or contributing towards fundraising events or by supporting our Child Sponsorship Programme or volunteering.

Important Changes to Task Brasil's Projects


As you may recall from our previous communications, earlier this year Task Brasil's Trustees took the decision to refocus Task Brasil's work to provide more cost effective community based socio-educational projects. Our work also includes follow-up support to the children and young people and their families who formerly lived at Task Brasil's homes. We believe that by changing the way we work, we will be able to provide a vital service to many more of the underprivileged young people.

Task Brasil is delighted to announce that, after months of hard work by our small but dedicated team Task Brasil¬タルs Project CRESCER is up and running at Casa Jimmy.

Project Crescer started on 1 November 2011 for 40 children and teenagers, aged 10 - 17 years old who attend the state run schools nearby in the Santa Teresa neighbourhood of Rio. The project helps some of the most disadvantaged young people in Brazil. Our goal is to complement and expand upon the education that they are receiving at school, so that they are given every opportunity to fulfill their potential.

The children and teenagers currently attend workshops in English, I.T., music, swimming and aerobics, educational support in maths and Portuguese as well as Citizenship and income generating skills. They are provided with breakfast on arrival, a snack at 10 a.m. and lunch at midday before they go to school. You can get best rolex watches online.

The feedback from the kids has been really encouraging. They are highly motivated and particularly excited to be learning music, English and many new things. They are determined to make the most of the opportunity. We hope this is borne out by the photos!

At the moment the project runs in the morning twice a week and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., totalling 16 hours per week. Task Brasil refers the children¬タルs and adolescents¬タル families to a range of available services provided by the local authorities and organizations for support and further assistance.

You can follow the progress of this project by reading regular reports from our UK volunteer Nadia, who arrived in Rio last month to help run the project, and provide English lesson for the kids. You can read her reports here.

With your continuous support we will maintain the projects running for more and more children and teenagers. We aim to be in a position soon to help and benefit 120 additional children and teenagers. In order to do this, and to continue the good work Project Crescer has started, we do require additional funding. We remain entirely dependent on the generosity of our supporters to continue and develop the project, so please tell as many people as you can about our work!

We are now on facebook. Do like us! Please keep an eye open for our Christmas appeal!

PHOTOS of activities in Casa Jimmy are available in our FACEBOOK page Here

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