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News II

Every penny you donate or raise brings us closer to the total amount we need every month!

If you can offer a regular commitment, please do so! The less time we spend in fundraising the more time we have to help more and more children.


Important Changes to Task Brasil's Projects - April 2010


  • Scotland x Brazil on 27th March 2011
    The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal donates to a childrens' charity every time the Scotland National football team plays a game abroad. Scotland played Brasil in London on March 27th and a donation of ᅡᆪ1000 to Task Brasil was made.


Task Brasil's supporters !

Our Volunteers!
Volunteers are an integral part of Task Brasil, present at every level of the organisation including: trustees, office assistants, festivals stall holders, childcare in Brazil and fundraisers.

If you are interested in getting involved contact or call 0207 7735 5545.

    Office Volunteers
    Sophie, Barbara, Cassila, Ricardo, Rachel, Christina, Isabelle and Rebecca volunteered to help with events, appeals and fundraising.

    Listen to Task Brasil's radio interviews at the BBC Scotland and Smooth FM Scotland

    Festival Volunteers
    WOMAD and Carnaval del Pueblo (London's largest Latin American festival) raised funds by selling jewellery& Havaianas.

    Fashion Event
    As part of the Cass Fashion Fantasies Catwalk Show Katrina de Massey and her friends chose to fundraise for Task Brasil and raised over ᅡᆪ3 500.

    London Marathon 2009
    Twelve people completed ¬タリone of lifes big challenges¬タル on behalf of Task Brasil and we were delighted that nearly ᅡᆪ16,000 was raised.

    Volunteers in Brazil
    After returning from Brazil, Sandra and Sandie stated ¬タワThe workᅡᅠTask Brasilᅡᅠdoes is fantastic, and I hope to continue to support your charity, I cannot stress enough how much I admire the work being done¬タン. Patricia, Rachel, Beatriz and Lorenco in Rio.

    The Brazil Nuts
    The self-styled Brazil Nuts, Sandra Scobbie, Sandie McLeod and Clare Clarke from Scotland have been fundraising for numerous years. In 2009 they even managed to persuade their friend Joanne Brown to run a half marathon in Avenmore for us!

Profile of a fundraiser ¬タモ Dirk Reichling - Dirk began volunteering with Task Brasil in 2007 and as part of our ecotour volunteer programme. He spent two weeks in Brazil planting fruit trees, putting up fences and improving the interior of the house. He fundraised over ᅡᆪ2,000.

Dirk says that his time in Brazil was ¬タワamazing, because you could see first hand what a difference a small charity like Task Brasil makes to lives of the underprivileged street children¬タン Dirk¬タルs involvement with Task Brasil did not end there. In 2008 he completed the 3 peak challenge, which involves climbing the three highest mountains in the UK within 24 hours. He raised an incredible ᅡᆪ3,000 and returned to Brazil in 2009 to visit Epsom College Farm and Casa Jimmy donating clothes and toys from friends in the UK.

Dirk became interested in Brazil at school and first met Task Brasil at the Southbank Festival. He started receiving this newsletter and began to become more involved, in total Dirk has raised   ᅡᆪ10,000 and we thank him for helping us to support the children of Brazil.

Ligia honoured in Rio de Janeiro City

In April 2010, the city of Rio de Janeiro granted Ligia da Silva (the founding trustee of Task Brasil) the title of Honorary Citizen of the City, recommended by Tania Bastos (Vereadora).

The title was awarded at an event called Women in Action: for a better city. ᅡᅠThis is a prestigious honour which recognises all who have played a part in Task Brasil over the last 18 years. The event was also attended by the 'Desembargador' Siro Darlan.

Many of the children living at Casa Jimmy performed a Brazilian children¬タルs song to the top officials of Rio at the event.ᅡᅠ They were given the opportunity to say their name into the microphone.ᅡᅠ They received rapturous applause and were rewarded with chocolate milk and cheese crackers in the mayor¬タルs parlour.ᅡᅠ

Autumn Events, 2009

Task Brasil and Casa Jimmy were very busy this past November and beginning of December 09! In an effort to help raise funds for the projects in these difficult economic times, Jimmy Page himself came to Brasil for five days of fundraising events.
The outpouring of enthusiasm and excitement to see Jimmy Page and to support Casa Jimmy was gratifying to experience. There were many events, and the inexhaustible, patient and kind Jimmy Page attended them all, meeting people, supporting the youth not only in Casa Jimmy, but also some aspiring young musicians as well.

Here¬タルs what happened at each event:

Battle of the Bands ¬タモ On November 28th, The British School in Rio de Janeiro hosted a ¬タワBattle of the Bands¬タン afternoon. Young musicians and bands all played great music¬タヤsome of it not surprisingly from Led Zeppelin¬タヤand a raffle and auction for Jimmy Page signed t-shirts and memorabilia was held and hosted by Jimmy Page and the British school.

Casa Jimmy BBQ ¬タモ The Chevron spouse volunteer group worked day and night to put on a BBQ at Casa Jimmy on November 29th. Many wonderful businesses and people volunteered their time and generous gifts for a raffle. People who came to the BBQ got to meet Jimmy Page, eat wonderful food, watch traditional Brazilian dance and enter the raffle. The kids got an opportunity to dance along with the professionals, had their face painted, and were always happy to yell out the winning raffle numbers along with Jimmy Page.
In addition, many people to the time to sponsor the Casa Jimmy program on a monthly basis, thereby helping Task Brasil and the children continue to live in a safe, healthy environment well into 2010.

Pocket Show ¬タモ Organised by Claudio and his team from Wilson Sons supported by Carolina and Lia from Chevron. The very popular event took place at The Rock and Blues Club in the fashionable Lapa. Three bands mixed their rhythms in a special evening playing Brazilian Popular Music and Rock!

Executive Lunch ¬タモ Hosted by Jimmy, the British Council Tim Flear and the Defense Attachᅢᄄ Willie Dobson hosted a lunch for prominent leaders in the community on - Lunch Monday, 30th November. Guests dined in a more intimate setting at the Hotel Santa Teresa, and were able to network with each other and chat with Jimmy Page in a more personal setting.

After lunch all the guests were taken for a visit to Casa Jimmy.

Casa do Saber ¬タモ Casa do Sabor is a cultural/educational centre where the intention is to provide a venue for professors and students to have discussion, reflection and exchange of knowledge.   Jimmy Page was interviewed by Joe Painter, Laudir de Oliveira and Eduardo Ponti in the presence of a small audience and gave an us an insight into his musical background, inspirations and plans for the future. Jimmy went on to answer many questions that the enthusiastic audience were keen to ask! Te event was organised with the essencial help of Susan Mace from Britannia English School in Rio.

Task Brasil raised over R$ 70,000 with its fund raising activities, and more money was pledged by companies such as Chevron, who plan to help with constructions and repairs of the buildings in 2010.

Thanks to all the donors, sponsors and volunteers who¬タルve made it possible for Casa Jimmy to continue its work for the street children of Brasil.

In these difficult economic times, we are even more grateful for the generosity of the people and businesses of Rio de Janeiro and all over the world.
Task Brasil wishes everyone a happy, healthy holiday season.

Summer events 2009

Casa Jimmy has in September 2009 hosted groups from Glamorgan University, British Airways and the Royal Navy, who have all spent time with the projects and been a great source of practical help to us.

The project has also been receiving a great deal of support from Chevron's employees and their spouses who have been organising loads of fun events for the children and helping them to learn English.

This summer Task Brasil maintained the tradition of attending The Carnaval del Pueblo and WOMAD. Both these events benefitted from good weather and were a great success in terms of raising awareness of our cause and raising funds. If you would like to get involved with next year's summer events please let us know. We need volunteers to man the stalls and to help with setting up materials. Furthermore, if there is an event that you know about that you think we should attend, please get in touch with us.

The Carnaval del Pueblo is London's largest Latin American festival. Every August Burgess Park gives itself over to London's Latin American community in a spectacular display of music and colour. Fortunately, this year the sun shone all day, so nothing was able to dampen the atmosphere! The carnaval attracts an audience from every part of London's Latin American community (many of whom are surprised by the sheer size of the event) and provides a perfect opportunity for Task Brasil to inform the wider public of our work. This year we had a great team of volunteers who did a fantastic job collecting email addresses and selling Havaianas and jewellery to raise funds for our work.

Earlier on in 2009

We are delighted to announce that approximately US$ 8,000 were raised through the sale of items on eBay's Missionfish, both the UK and the USA:

Some of the items were a Gibson Epiphone Guitar, Hippie Fest signed by Jack Bruce of Cream, Flo and Eddie of The Turtles, Joey Molland of Badfinger, Jonathan Edwards, Melanie, Eric Burden and the Animals; "A matter of Life and Death" limited edtion, double picture disk. 12" vinyl LP's signed by Iron Maiden members: Adrian Smith, Bruce Dickinson, Dave Murray, Janick Gers, Steve Harris and Niko McBrain; Genesis - Anatomy of a Tour pop up book signed by Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, and Tony Banks; a Custom made ESP Guitar Signed by Joe Walsh (The Eagles), Jimmy Page and Slash. Custom-made in Japan; and much more... We are grateful to the artists and everyone who made this event possible.

Duncan's Three Peaks Challenge
The Three Peaks Challenge is a mountain endurance challenge in Great Britain in which participants attempt to climb the highest peaks of each of the island's three countries. Whilst the challenge has no official rules or time restrictions, many participants try and complete it within 24 hours ¬タモ and this is what our long standing supporter Duncan Innes and his colleagues at Marriott Harrison did in August this year.

The mountains climbed, in height order are Ben Nevis in Western Scotland (1344 m), Snowdon in North Wales (1085 m), and Scafell Pike in North-Western England (978 m). In all the challenge involves some 42 km (26 miles) of ascent and descent, with total travel approaching 765 km (around 475 miles).

After the challenge Duncan said:
¬タワWell, we did it! Despite all three summits being in total cloud, some challenging conditions and definitely the worst homemade sandwiches on the planet, all three peaks were successfully climbed.¬タン

Duncan Innes is a longstanding and active supporter of Task Brasil. Duncan first got involved with Task Brasil in 1995 and has, until recently, provided a great deal of support as a Trustee, advising Task Brasil and visiting our projects periodically. Everyone involved with Task Brasil is hugely grateful to Duncan for all he has done over the years, and mightily impressed by his fundraising and hill-walking abilities!

Duncan's efforts have so far raised nearly ᅡᆪ5,000 for Task Brasil projects. You can still sponsor his effort by visiting Duncan's Justgiving fundraising site

PHOTOS of activities in Casa Jimmy are available in our FACEBOOK page Here

                                       Helping Brazilian children to help themselves!

2010- Our friends at the London School of Samba generously allowed Task Brasil to record and use their music in the film!
We are also grateful to Many Rivers Film for providing some equipment that made the film possible.

Animalia Food Campaign - Xmas 2006
Companies - Fundraising for Task Brasil
Cornwall Conquered! Bike Ride
Educational project
Events in Aid of Task Brasil
Events - Task Brasil Xmas Parties
Fanny Rush
Help at the Projects in Brazil
Jimmy Page's support
Marathon - London
Navy - British and Irish
Navy - USA
News update 2008
NGO's - other support
Polo Match - Carnival Day !!!
Schools & Universities support
Task Brasil new address from Aug 2004
Publications- Work of Task Brasil
Madeleine Peyroux
Day 6: (Penrith to Glasgow) - Glasgow Grind... Bike Ride

Animalia Food Campaign - Xmas 2006

Renato Costa from Animalia in Rio de Janeiro has over the years run a food appeal at his Veterinarian Clinic. Early in January 2007 Task Brasil has once again collected a number of boxes containing food, toys and other much needed items donated by his clients. We are grateful for Renato¬タルs and his client¬タルs wonderful efforts!

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2009 - 2010
Task Brasil relies upon the generosity of our kind supporters so, as always, we would like to thank each and every one of you who has supported us throughout the years whether by organising or contributing towards fundraising events or by supporting our Child Sponsorship programme.

Our special thanks go to Jimmy Page William Salomon, Gouvea Vieira, Wilson Sons, andrew Granger and EMBL for their very support during the year. Also, our great gratitude goes to Jorge Eduardo and his team as well as Ana Cristina, Roberta, Fernanda, Rodolfo, Joᅢᆪo Bernardo and Luciano.

We are also very grateful to Duncan Innes, one of our long term supporters, for giving us invaluable legal advice. A big thank-you also to Cultura Inglesa. Banco Rio de Alimentos and Sesc the Brazilian national institute "Social Service of Commerce") have donated food, sanitary products, and clothes locally. Additional donation of goods cames via word of mouth and from various friends of Task Brasil in Rio de Janeiro. As always, we need to say a massive ¬タワthank-you¬タン to Wilson, Sons in Rio for their annual donation of funds, computers and their constant support.
We¬タルre also hugely grateful to the British & Commonwealth Society, Barclays and Mary in Rio for their support over the last few years.
We are also grateful to The Britannia School of English, Bruno Lages, Animalia, Maiko, Silvia Costa, Roy Moed, Nina and Chris and Lula Zeppeliano and his friends.

Thanks also to Jimmy Page, James Taylor, Cindy Bond, Gibson Guitars, Pat Cash and Emily Cash for their help and generosity in enabling us to provide auction items for 2009¬タルs EMBL Ball. Cindy Bond, Gibson Guitars, Johnnie Allen, and Anne Callingham, Phil Collins, and Adrian Smith and all the other members of Iron Maiden have again contributed generously towards the work of Task Brasil and we are grateful for their continuing support. MissionFish (the charitable arm of eBay) helped us to run an auction of items donated by celebrities in 2009.

Task Brasil Inc. fundraises in the US towards the operational costs of our projects in Rio.
LOST's star Evangeline Lilly sold lingerie on eBay to raise funds for Task Brasil, and also appeared on numerous shows including David Letterman to promote the sale and to raise awareness of Task Brasil!

Thank you to Chevron¬タルs Rio based employees and their families who have provided invaluable support to Casa Jimmy in Rio since 2008.

Jonathon Murno, British Airways, AFSC and Mary Brew, Mary Berry and Sarah Webb, Tim Flear, Cel Dobson and his family, Rachael Ferreira, Paulo also gave us indispensible support in 2009.
We would like to thank all those who have contributed valuable help towards the running costs of our projects as well as our trustee Nathalie Smith and her friends who helped organise an auction in Brazil of a guitar signed by Iron Maiden.

Additonally, we are grateful to the following supporters of Task Brasil for their support in 2009. They contributed towards Task Brasil¬タルs projects in many different ways: funding the refurbishment or repair work in our houses; the employment of staff; donating towards running costs; or purchased items needed by our projects; organised fundraising events such as concerts; and those who made donations instead of sending Christmas cards:

MoneyGram; The Triodos Foundation and The Schroder Charitable Trust; The Paget Trust; The Rufford Maurice Laing Trust; The Bryan Guinness Charitable Trust; The Consortium for Street Children; Audley Travel; Blumar Travel; US Navy; AT&T Foundation in the US; AT&T EMEA¬タルs Sean Clowry; Janine Dance; Richard Munday and his friends at the Sheildaig Sunday Club; The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation; Robert Walker; Ceri Jackson, Joel Carter; Helen Winstanley, Donna Dutsch; Banco do Brasil Securities; Anne Hollinshead from Memories in Music; Paul Marwood and everyone at the London School of Samba; Lynn Lee at Good Company Publicity and finally all those who are not mentioned here, thank you for your support, we couldn¬タルt do it without you!

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Companies - Fundraising for Task Brasil

British Airways - AFSC (Action for Street Children)
The BA Runners (the British Airways project which allows staff to help street children around the world), take time out of their busy schedules, three to four times every year, to bring a little magic to Casa Jimmy and six other projects in Rio.

The love and friendship that the Runners bring to the children makes their visits incredibly special. Their energy, commitment and enthusiasm is greatly valued by Casa Jimmy staff and children.

Discovering Latin America Film Festival Nov 2007
The 2007 Discovering Latin America (DLA) Film festival is showed a variety of Latin American films, which reflect the cultural diversity, originality and wealth of cinematic talent in Latin America.
In 2007 Task Brasil was the beneficiary of the proceeds of the festival.
Further details

Great River Race 2007
Task Brasil¬タルs fund-raising activities received a substantial boost recently thanks to our friends at the healthcare intermediary excellenthealth. Chris McCracken, Colin Boxall and long term Task Brasil supporter Joe Heavey persuaded thirteen of their friends and colleagues to join them to crew a sixteen man Dragonboat in London¬タルs The Great River Race on 8 September 2007.

The Great River Race is a colourful and spectacular annual event in which 280 or so traditional boats race for the 22 miles from Richmond to Greenwich. The picture above shows the intrepid crew after completing the race.

All appeared to be going smoothly for excellenthealth¬タルs crew, named ¬タリThe Business¬タル, until they reached the Pool of London where they fell victim of the infamous ¬タリTower Bridge Wave¬タル. In the evocative words of Chris McCracken, their ¬タワslender craft was at once swamped: it keeled over, righted itself briefly then slid Titanic-like beneath the surface as the crew watched their lucozade bottles and flip flops float away¬タン. Photographers were on hand to capture the drama of the moment.

Fortunately, the crew were not about to let a minor difficulty like this deter them from completing the course. After beaching and bailing out the boat, they set off again and completed the course in a respectable 3 hours.

In addition to organising and participating in the race itself Chris and Colin have both organised parties to raise funds for Task Brasil this summer, and excellenthealth¬タルs efforts have raised over ᅡᆪ10,000 for Task Brasil for which we are hugely grateful. Excellenthealth Justgiving Page

Rico, a Groove Jazz artist's support - Jun 2006
Rico is a Groove Jazz artist that plays and sings using a variety of unique electronic and acoustic percussion instruments in South Florida. Rico along with his friends read an article in the LA Times newspaper when he was residing in Los Angeles a while back about the abandoned children in Brazil and were saddened and inspired to write a song about the lives of the street children of Rio de Janeiro. It is titled "The Urchins of Brazil". Rico recorded two versions recently and one is a duet that he is currently mixing with his old friend Tata Vega (Oscar nominee for The Color Purple, and backup singer for Andre Crouch, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Chaka Kahn, Patti LaBelle, etc) On his web site there is a MP3 sample of the song for you to hear, some background information as well as a pitch for the street kids in the Endorsement section. Since writing the song Rico has collected and sent money to these children through various sources on a regular basis. Rico has now chosen to support the street children through Task Brasil. Rico has added this song on his latest CD and the proceeds from the CD as well as the money collected in tips when he performs the song at his live concerts, he has set aside for "the kids". So far Rico has already donated US$1,000 to Task Brasil. Visit Rico's website by clicking here!!.

Task Brasil was Brigitte Nielsen¬タルs chosen charity at Channel 4¬タルs Celebrity Big Brother January 2005
Thanks to Brigitte and Channel 4 ᅡᆪ18,638 was raised and donated in support of street children in Brazil.

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Cornwall Conquered! Bike Ride

Cornwall Conquered! Bike Ride
Day 1:
Leaving Land's End earlier today, the morning sun shone brightly in our faces and the only hint of anything negative was the North Easterly breeze. Well that breeze became a wind and accompanied us for the first 50 miles. As we turned inland at St Austell, the wind abated and we had to contend only with the hills and the heat, finishing with a 3 mile climb up Dartmoor.
Now, having completed 100miles, climbed more than 8,300ft and burnt around 7,OOO calories each are enjoying hot baths in Tavistock.
King of the Mountains goes to Derek Keating, a huge performance, considering he unable to train full because of an injury and a recent business trip. Yellow Jersey was taken by Mark Higgins after an aggressive ride through the day.
More of the same tomorrow although the End to End vets say Day 1 is the worst of the whole tour.

Day 2:
The end of day two sees us just outside Bristol...we're happy to see the back of the West Country.
This morning started with a 1,500ft of climbing on Dartmoor, with the familiar NE wind right in our faces. This experience continued thoughout the morning, so by lunch we had accumulated 13,000 feet of climbing over the last day and a half.
No sooner did we enter Somerset when the hills started to flatten and the wind began to blow from the SE.
Spirits were lifted and the team worked together to rack up a terrific pace all the way to the Mendip hills, registering average speeds on occasion in excess of 20mph. The Mendips then appeared, but we breezed over them, thanks to our earlier "training session".
King of the Mountains goes to Will Curran who, fortified by a huge bowl of porridge, made a storming climb over Dartmoor, reminiscent of Sean Kelly on the Tourmalet.
The Yellow Jersey remains with Mark Higgins who never let up, despite a very hard ride yesterday.
Tomorrow we head along the Welsh Borders to Ludlow, and flat roads and a following wind...cycling heaven after the hell we've been through.

Day 3:
The peloton stopped just south of Shrewsbury after a hard days ride from Somerset. A good pace was set by the team, and everyone worked well to keep the pack in motion. The good weather and a favourable wind also helped, particularly in appreciating the beautiful scenery: crossing the Severn Estuary, Tintern Abbey in the Wye Valley and rolling hills of Herefordshire.
King of the Mountains must go to David Shipley, for his relentless pursuit uphill of the Tour leader, Mark Higgins, who continued to assert his authority over the peloton, in the manner of Bernard "Le Patron" Hainault. The yellow jersey therefore remains with Higgo.
We plan to build on our advantage tomorrow, by rolling through the Midlands to Warrington or beyond. Day 4 usually signals the end of soreness and a resurgence of energy...we really hope so.

Day 4:
By coincidence every day has started with a climb, and Day Four was no different... only the mountains in our way were mountains of road-kill. So Shropshire either has an abundance of wild critters, or more than it's fair share of aggressive drivers. We think the latter. In fact, the view of the peloton is that an county bordering Wales is hell for cyclists.
That aside, the prospects were for a clear, warm day ahead, and as the terrain was flat the early-morning buzz was all about the likely fast pace and the possibility of a breakaway up the A49.
The peloton did not have to wait long, as the holder of the red polka dots (inspired perhaps by a breakfast of still-warm rabbit flesh) surged ahead of the group in search of further cloth. It was at this stage that Nepalese Nick (Anning) decided to go in search of the King of the Mountains jersey, reeling in and passing the existing incumbent on the one big hill before lunchtime. Despite the early morning excitment, the Yellow Jersey remains with "Le Patron".
Tomorrow we ride in honour of all those directly involved in 9/11.

Day 5:
500 miles and England is now behind us after the perfect ride in near perfect conditions, as the peloton arrived in Gretna (from Preston) before 6pm.
The ride started with two hours of flat terrain at a good average speed of 18mph. Then we hit one of the longest climbs of the Tour - 1,400ft of elevation over approximately 5 miles. The ride then ended with three hours of cycling through beautiful undulating countryside. We also managed to appreciate the delights of Penrith, particularly the new "15" Cafe and Bistro. Now, there is one important like that members of the peloton share with little old ladies: home-made cakes and tea in china cups. Sadly, such events are too infrequent, as they only happen when the Team Manager is not around. Curiously, Penrith is also home to an expert in traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Peng, who successful treated the ailing knee of one of the peloton.
King of the Mountains goes to Butch for strong hill climbing today, and on all other previous days.
The Yellow jersey remains with Le Patron, who should now expect to carry it through to the end, barring the intervention of a demented Irish priest, or a well-aimed deep fried Mars Bar.

Day 6:
Until today the peloton had enjoyed clear skies, dry conditions and balmy temperatures, so it was perhaps fitting that Scotland should herald the wake-up call. No sooner had we left Gretna when the clouds moved in and the incessant drizzle gave us a three hour soaking. On the plus side, the climb up the mountains to Glasgow was on a traffic free road with the perfect gradient: an ascent of 1,300ft over 40 miles. So the peloton was in surprisingly good spirits at the lunch break, enhanced by piping Scotch Broth and sandwiches made al fresco at the rear of the Managers car!
The descent into the Clyde Valley was only marked by an unplanned excursion onto one of the many Motorways that encircle Glasgow. Otherwise, the highlight of the afternoon was hot tea and fresh cream cakes from the back of the Manager's car!
Yellow jersey therefore for Clive Green for culinary excellence.
The King of the Mountains award was hotly contested with Nepalese Nick making an early surge (hoping to grab the morning headlines in the Kathmandu Gazette). Eventually it went to Aidan Pope, although there were allegations of foul play and clandestine meetings with dubious Chinese doctors. A urine test is scheduled for 6 am tomorrow.
We arrived after 100 miles to the north of Glasgow, ready for our three day assault on the Highlands.

Day 7:
The Tour headed north today from Glasgow. The pace was slow to start with as the peloton fell for the lure of an apparently quaint cycle path to Loch Lomand. In fact, it took us to the back streets of Dumbarton, and three punctures later we joined the A82.
After a severe rocket from the Tour Manager the peloton took it upon itself to make up the lost time on a truly majestic ride into the Highlands. We first rolled around the shores of Loch Lomand, then moved directly North until we finally hit the climb up to the winter ski resort of Glencoe at 1,650 ft. At this stage the riding was hard but the peloton stuck together and we were helped by spectacular scenery, a following wind and an even gradient. Will Curran also managed to survive an attempt on his life by a lorry driver called "Hagar The Horrible". Then came the mother of all swoops....15 miles downhill into Fort William, the perfect end to the day.
King of the Mountains returns to its original owner, Derek Keating, for a storming climb over the Glencoe pass. Special mention here must also go to "Vitor the Van" who managed to extract his vehicle from a mountainous ravine along the way!
The yellow jersey remains with the Tour Manager, who even exceeded yesterday's performance by somehow managing to produce warm fish and chips (incl salt and vinagre) in the middle of nowhere. Later in the day he then provided tea in tartan mugs with shortbread.
We start tomorrow only 60 miles from Inverness, so although we are beginning to feel the pain in knees, legs and backsides, we know that we are not that far from our final destination.

Day 8:
Day 8 was definitely a day of two halves: dry then wet. The dry half allowed the peloton to roll out 50 miles before lunch and even have time to appreciate the wonderful scenery of the Lochs between Ft William and Inverness. At lunch, fortified by Scotch Broth (kindly donated because of our charitable cause), the peloton resolved to battle on past Inverness, regardless of the weather and achieve the 100 mile target.
Well the weather really turned as we hit the dual carriageway North from Inverness. Now, rain on its own doesn't really affect the peloton, but when it is combined with the oil and grit infused spray from the wheels of the bike in front, plus a ten litre dousing from every lorry that passes, then they get pissed off....and totally drenched, judging by their washerwoman hands and cockle-farmer feet.
Despite all this the spirits of the peloton were surprisingly high, with salutations of "Bonjour" to bemused locals, while Nepalese Nick pounded up the hills, secretly listening to the Jane Fonda work-out. All under the watchful gaze of Le Patron, humming quietly away to songs by The King (of course).
Curiously, although we're in the Highlands, the amount of vertical climbed was the lowest of the entire Tour.
The day ended firstly with fresh cream cakes, and then with a warming dram from the local Glenmorangie Distillery. The Tour Manager still on top form.
King of the Mountains goes to Will Curran, often seen leading the pack up the hills into the driving rain.
The Yellow Jersey remains with Le Patron, Bernard Higgault, who even managed to avoid an attack by a dead fox. This is the eve of the final day, for tomorrow we will start only 80 miles from John O'Groats.

DAY 9 - Mission Accomplished!!!!!

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Educational project

Lowe Lintas & Partners Worldwide sponsored Rafael's school fees for his final year of study (A-level equivalent) when he was 17 years old. Michael was also been sponsored by British Airways and contributions from the 2000 Appeal. Both are now gown up through good education are in a position to carry on with their studies or find employment. Lenice Mancini, in Brazil, has been of inestimable assistance to Michael and Rafael.

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Events in Aid of Task Brasil

  • The 3 Peaks Challenge
    27 ¬タワwilling¬タン Participants
    3 mountains         
    2.3 miles climbing
    25 miles walking        
    500 miles driving
    ¬タᆭin 24 hours
    On the weekend of 20-21 June, a combined BP, IBM and Accenture team will attempt the 3 Peaks Challenge - to climb the 3 highest mountains in Wales, England and Scotland, all in 24 hours. The efforts are in aid of three charities, one of those being Task Brasil.
    In preparation for the actual event (and to boost their fundraising) they will also wash cars in their project car park, have a pub quiz and a raffle!!

    Our huge thanks to all in the team, especially to our volunteer Dirk Reichling

  • Led Zeppelin Fan Club in Rio supports Casa Jimmy
    Since 2006, through a number of concert events, Lulazepeliano and The Zeppeliano Fan Club in Rio de Janeiro have gathered hundreds of kilos of food for Casa Jimmy. We are grateful to the Fan Club and Black Dog band for their fantastic support.

  • The Babble Bar organised a fundraiser for Task Brasil on Wednesday 24th May 2007
    featuring ¬タワRasao de Ser¬タン ¬タモ a 9 piece live act of outstanding entertainment. On 28th June, Babble Bar organizsed another fundraiser for Task Brasil. Following an amazing performance in May Babble Bar welcomed back " Rasao De Ser" . The evenings captured the spirit of Brazil through the rhythms of Samba, Bossa Nova & Pagode.

    These were nights to remember!! Further details on The Babble-Bar ! or call 020 77588255

  • Golden Gods Nominations Announced
    The nominations for the fourth annual Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards, which this year took place on Monday 12 June 2006 at Koko in Camden, North London, announced as a team of Task Brasil Vikings row their way up the River Thames. In keeping with the 'Valhalla' theme of this year's awards, Metal Hammer magazine teamed up with the crew of the 'Hammer Of The Gods'.

  • Brazilian Party Night! organised by Zoe Socrates.
    All proceeds was donated to Task Brasil, The event took place on 1st November 2005
    At Digress Downstairs Bar, 10 Beak Street, London W1F 9RA entrance was ᅡᆪ15
    DJ¬タルs played Brazilian, Latin, RnB & mixed tunes!. The evening offered Samba & Lambada Dance classes, Samba & Lambada Dance Shows, Brazilian Band, Capoeira Show! Raffle Prize Draw with Exciting Prizes FREE Drinks*, FREE Brazilian Finger Buffet! The event raised over ᅡᆪ2,000 for Task Brasil.
    Thank you so much Zoe!!!


    Thursday 20th May 2004, 8pm to 2am
    VBM M&P organised a Brighton Festival , at Sussex Arts Club, in aid of Task Brasil. The evening, titled 'Shoes For Blues', featured Dave Ellis & Rachel Innes playing blues standards as well as music inspired by the blues.
    The Virtual Brighton Magazine
    Find out more about Dave Ellis

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Events - Task Brasil Xmas Parties

An Electrifying Brazilian Experience! 4th Dec 2007

At Task Brasil's 16th Christmas Party guests enjoyed delicious Brazilian food, quench their thirst with traditional caipirinha and dance to live Samba music performed by Paraiso at Guanabara, the hottest Brazilian Club this side of the Atlantic.

Task Brasil¬タルs ¬タリFire & Ice¬タル Christmas party ,
in conjunction with the ABC Trust - 9th December 2006 @ the Embassy Club, Mayfair, London
A night of live music featuring : Nina & Chris(the Boa band), Matt Sage & his band, and Kym Mazelle & the Urban Blues Band (featured Pee Wee Ellis and Skip MacDonald) with special guests
Complimentary champagne, cocktails, wine & beer, canapᅢᄅs and a Brazilian floating buffet was served.
We were delighted to introduce new patrons Leslie Ash, Bruce Dickinson, Emily Cash and Pat Cash. Raffle and auction.

1. Flight to New York - 6 green
2. Toticha Jewelery - 13 pink
3. Dinner @ Nobu - 16 blue
4. Iron Maiden Concert - 61 green
5. Canape party at Embassy club - 3 pink
6. Mini Extreme Makeover - 34 green
7. Design Books - 4 green
8. Hotel Atlas - 48 green
9. Fen Shui Cons. - 45 green

Angel painting by Eleni Gagoushi - ᅡᆪ2,000 - > Barry Drink Water
Jimmy Page painting by Mark Eurich - ᅡᆪ3,000 -> Rashidian
Andrew Strauss Cricket shirt - ᅡᆪ 125 - Bruce Cherry
Audi Jacket - ᅡᆪ100 -> Duncan Riefler
Shirt Carl Foggart - ᅡᆪ100 -> Wendy Fiefler
Diamond and Aqua Marine ring from White Jewels - ᅡᆪ1,500 -> Suzzie Almulla
Kiss Drum Skin - ᅡᆪ300 -> Dragon

Christmas Party 2005;
Task Brasil teamed up with the ABC Trust for its annual Christmas Party. It was a joint celebration! The event raised over ᅡᆪ25,000 for the two charities. The party was held on Wednesday 23rd November at the prestigious Virgin Roof Gardens in Kensington High Street and included live entertainment by Nina & Chris (from Smoke City Band), Capoeira Display, a raffle, auction and DJ, as well as drinks and canapᅢᄅs. Jimmy Page, Pat Cash, Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden rock band and Kim Mazelle along with 400 of very enthusiastic supporters made the evening a great success!!! The party also launched a new campaign involving the Brazilian Tourist Board, Embratur to combat sexual tourism in Brazil.

The Christmas Party 2004 was held at the Borderline in London, England, on Monday December 13th. Bands performing included Dollshouse, Monster Raging Boogie Party, and Paddy Goes to Holyhead (featuring Debbie Bonham and the drummer from Letz Zep!) and Brazilian DJ Rodolfo. Jimmy Page and ..... attended as Special guests.

A silent auction was held with signed Led Zeppelin memorabilia up for bid! Auction items included: Yamaha FG Acoustic guitar signed by Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden kindly donated by Yamaha Guitars; a limited copy of ¬タンLed Zeppelin, A photographic collection by Neal Preston¬タン - the only copy signed by Jimmy Page, making it a collector¬タルs item.   The raffle's top prize was a British Airways; return ticket to the US or Europe.

The event raised over ᅡᆪ4,500 and was organised by long term supporter Jon Stone. Well done Jon!

The Christmas Party 2003 was once again a great success raising over ᅡᆪ15,000 for Task Brasil. Hosted by Leslie Ash and Nathalie Smith at SO.UK , entertainment included live Brazilian music and a Samba show. The highlight of the evening was a live auction which made over ᅡᆪ13,000 due to some intense bidding by party guests.

Auction items included a guitar signed by Jimmy Page and Iron Maiden, an original Howler used in the Harry Potter films and a commissioned portrait by artist Joe Painter.

Special guests included Jimmy Page, Iron Maiden, Adrian Rayment of Matrix Fame and Hattie Hayridge.

Task Brasil is very grateful to everybody who helped make the parties so special, especially Task Brasil director, Nathalie Smith, who once again saved the day! We hope to see you all at the party this year!

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Fanny Rush

Portrait painter Fanny Rush has graciously agreed to direct 10% of every commission that is referred to her by Task Brasil.
Click here to visit Fanny's website

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Help at the Projects in Brazil

Casa Jimmy Painting Project Oct07
The baby room at Casa Jimmy received a makeover this past month, thanks to Patricia Drew. Mrs. Drew has made this room more cheerful for everyone! Thank you!

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Jimmy Page's support

Led Zeppelin Concert Tickets!
A number of Tickets for the concert were generously donated by Jimmy Page,
A pair of tickets were available at Ebay Missionfish
¬タワThese tickets are intended to raise awareness of and aid the fundraising activities of Task Brasil and Casa Jimmy¬タン explains Jimmy Page.

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Marathon - London

If you would like to run for Task Brasil in the next London Marathon, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Click here to Apply to Run for Task Brasil in the Next Year's London Marathon in support of Brazilian street children.

In 2010 Task Brasil was very fortunate to have had 11 runners in the Virgin London Marathon 'one of life¬タルs great challenges¬タル whilst raising money for Task Brasil. We are grateful to: Paul Fassnidge; Mark Venables; Richard Moreau; Peter Janowski; Aine Kane; Steven Lee; Jilly Mushington; Olaf Tsiquaye; Sharon Foster; Giovanni Ionta; Jon Stone and Heather Petsopoulos.

Please show your support by donating, click here TASK BRASIL JUSTGIVING PAGE and search for the runners at the bottom of the page.

We are grateful to AT & T staff who has supported Task Brasil in the London Marathon, in the past years.

In 2009 the following runners supported Task Brasil's projects:
Charlie Nairn; Peter Janowski; Alun Vincent; Angel Gurria; Ken Finlay; Ben Wainwright; Hans Mersmann; Una McKevitt; Paul Umfreville; Teresa Fernandez; Paul Fassnidge; Stephen Young; Paul Dorin.

In 2008 AT & T employees Ben Carter, Paulino Barros, Leigh Manton, Kathy Rockefeller, John Slamecka run in support of Task Brasil in the 2008 Flora London Marathon. They joined efforts with: Jo Diss Previn Jagutpal, Imelda Maguire, Roger Ayres, Angel Gurria, Linda Dennis, Marjolein Snippe and Cathy Bowles

In 2007 our 13 runners : Artur Saraiva, Hans Mersmann, Laura Cook, Manoj Jangra , Marcello Manzi, Natalie Fudge, Paul Umfreville, Paul Harnett, Rob Lee, Samantha Lucy, Sarah Hosmer de Zuniga, Una McKevitt and Stephen Derbyshire raised over ᅡᆪ20,000. We would like to also congratulate Manoj and Hans who raised over 4,000 and ᅡᆪ3,000 each respectively.

In the 2006 Flora London Marathon, Task Brasil had the support of runners participating in the Golden Bond scheme and an additional non-golden bond runners. All runners completed the long circuit of the marathon successfully and raised over ᅡᆪ13,500

In 2005 Flora London Marathon some of Task Brasil Golden Bond runners setup justgiving webpages: Angel Gurria Quintana , Dino Ribeiro; Samantha Cowen, Jos van Bommel ; Jon Stone ; Beverley Russ ; Bianca Thomas ; Jenny Lambert;

In the 2004 Flora London Marathon, Task Brasil had the support of runners participating in the Golden Bond scheme and was kindly sponsored by Journey Latin America ( We are very grateful to all 13 TBT runners who completed the long circuit of the marathon successfully and raised over ᅡᆪ13,000.

In 2003, Task Brasil had 14 Golden-Bond runners supporting Task Brasil's projects in Rio. Once again Journey Latin America sponsored TBT's runners. We are hugely grateful to Alistair Ray, Audrey McGovern, Becky Newell, Damian Cronin, Emily Gelson, Gill Kenny, Graziela Cajado-Ogland, Jeremy Stephenson, John Graham, Jon Stone, Luca Cicalese, Malcolm Fry, Michael Ryan, Michelle Major and Scott Walker for all the effort (and pain!) that went not only into running the 26 miles, but also raising collectively over ᅡᆪ11,000 in sponsorship! WELL DONE!
Special congratulations go to top fundraisers Alistair and Michael who raised a magnificent ᅡᆪ3,528 between them, and to Becky Newell for raising ᅡᆪ1,265.

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Rio Marathon 2007
Ed and Carl did their trek for Task Brasil, thank you guys!

Edinburgh MArathon !!!
Although we have allocated our Golden Bond places for the London Marathon, Task Brasil does have places available for the Edinburgh Marathon. Last year over 3000 people took part in this exciting event.

Click here to Apply (165k PDF file)

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Jungle Marathon
In September 2003, the trustees of Beanfeast, a charity based in Scotland for children, took part in a 250km marathon in the Amazon over 7 days! They raised an amazing ᅡᆪ21,100 for the new Task Brasil Day Centre and overnight shelter, Casa Roger Turner, where the Street Approach project will soon be based.

The Street Approach project will be the first step for children and teenagers still living on the streets towards reintegration with their families. Casa Roger Turner will offer street children an alternative to the violence and poverty that defines life on the streets.

Benfeast also donated in 2005 over ᅡᆪ8,000 towards the cost of furniture and equipment for Casa Roger Turner.

We are delighted that Charlie McCusker will rund the 2005 Flora London Marathon in support of Task Brasil.

Thank you so much to Charlie McCusker, David McCusker and Kenny McKenzie for their wonderful efforts and achievements.

Paris Marathon
We are pleased to announce that Heidi Bishop and Kara , both International Relations Masters students at Huron University USA, run for Task Brasil in France on 10th April 2005!

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Navy - British and Irish

The Royal Navy ships have been invaluable as usual when in Rio by delivering the stocks of clothes and toys that are stored up in the UK.

HMS ships, since 1998, have regularly taken donations over to Rio. The crew members contribute with much needed labour and skills. They replace roof tiles on the Casa Jimmy annex, trimm hedges, repair windows and beds, maintain electrical work and clear rubble from the Casa Jimmy grounds. HMS Lancaster rebuilt the bridge at Epsom College Farm during their trip in November 2003.

The crew from HMS Westminster found the time and energy to organise an amazing barbeque party at Casa Jimmy, which the children, teenagers, staff and volunteers enjoyed tremendously! In Jaunary 2005, HMS Endurance also takes Casa Jimmy's children on board ship for lunch and to enjoy the company of a magician and a clown, for great fun!

Task Brasil is extremely grateful to all HMS ships' commanders, for their continued and crucial support.

The British Navy¬タルs initial support started in 1998 thanks to the efforts of Capt Roger Turner, the British Naval attachᅢᄅ 1998-2001.

Task Brasil is very grateful to the efforts and help of:

HMS Cardiff - 2004
HMS Dumbarton-Castle - 2001, 2007
HMS Edinburgh - 1998 and 2001
HMS Endurance - 1998, 2001, 2005, 2007
HMS Glasgow - 2001
HMS Gloucester - 2004
HMS Iron Duke - 2004
HMS Lancaster - 2003
HMS Leeds Castle - 2001
HMS Liverpool - 2006
HMS Newcastle - 2002
HMS Nothingham - 2007
HMS Somerset - 1999
HMS Southampton - 2000, 2005, 2006
HMS Sutherland - 1998
HMS Westminster - 1998, 2002, 2004

RFA Diligence -
RFA Gold Rover
RFA Black Rover

LE Eithne 2005

The LE EITHNE (pronounced - ETNA - as in the volcano) is the Flag ship of the Irish Naval Service. She is very closely linked with Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children, Crumlin, Dublin and is regularly involved in charitable events. By the way the L.E. stands for Long (pronounced - Lung) Eireannach (pronounced - air in uch) (the Gaelic language version for Irish Ship). It is very much akin to the prefix "HMS" in front of Royal Navy Ships. Eithne had a crew of approximatel 70 on board at the time of their first visit to the southern hemisphere. In Rio, they organised a wonderful a party for the Kids on board and in addition gave gifts before they left.

The Captains and crews of the ships have carried out important and invaluable improvements and maintenance work at Casa Jimmy, Casa Charlotte, Casa Jimena, Casa Roger Turner and Epsom College Farm to benefit the children and teenagers.

Task Brasil is extremely grateful to the amazing help of the following Royal Attachᅢᄅ¬タルs:
Capt Roger Turner
Col. Mike Bowles
Capt. Steve Timms
Col. Ralph Ashenhurst
Commander Richard Harris
Col Dobson

Lt_CDR_Barry O'Halloran - Irish Navy
Martin Green, the Irish Ambassador

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Navy - USA

US Navy visits Casa Roger Turner
May 2007 American sailors from the USS Samuel B. Roberts assisted Task Brasil in a cleanup effort at Casa Roger Turner. The sailors helped with construction, cleanup and maintenance. Thank you all for your support!

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News update 2008

Three Peaks August 2008 Challenge

On the weekend of the 20th ¬タモ 22nd June, 2008, 13 UK-based Accenture employees joined a team from the BP HR Operations and SAP Program to climb the three highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales. In total, 26 colleagues from BP, Accenture and IBM took part, with the objective to complete the challenge within 24 hours and in doing so, raise over ᅡᆪ5,000 for three charities nominated by BP Operations & SAP Programme team members. One of the selected charities was Task Brasil

Fundraising Effort

Although the challenge itself took place in June, the fundraising effort began in earnest several months before the big weekend. The team organized a car wash at the BP office in Staines, England, during which around 60 cars were washed raising ᅡᆪ400. A raffle and auction with prizes generously donated by the Operations & SAP project team members raised over ᅡᆪ2000. In addition a sweepstake on the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest and a pub quiz raised an additional ᅡᆪ375. These efforts, when added to donations from friends and family, BP's ¬タワMatch Giving Programme¬タン, and Accenture¬タルs ¬タワGiving Programme¬タン raised an impressive ᅡᆪ10,000, doubling the initial fund raising target. Andrew Dickinson, Manager T&OP, who helped organise the event was thrilled with the money raised by all involved ¬タワThe fund raising has helped bring the whole team closer together and the final total of ᅡᆪ10,000 is a phenomenal effort. The money raised is going to make a tangible difference to three very worthy causes, with the funds targeted to help improve schooling for children in Africa and South America.¬タン

The Challenge

When the big weekend arrived, the team set off from London on the 20th of June and traveled by bus to Wales where they spent the night preparing for their challenge by debriefing on their route and resting for their fast approaching adventure. On Saturday morning, the team woke early to be greeted by heavy rain and very poor visibility (conditions the team would have to endure the whole weekend). The first challenge was to ascend the 1,085m up Mount Snowdon which was accomplished in a brisk 3.5hrs. After a quick lunch, they traveled north to Cumbria to begin their 978m ascent of Scafell Pike. The team did not get off Scaffell Pike until around 11pm and as the darkness set in for the night the team returned to their coach and set out for Scotland and the tallest and toughest challenge of them all....Ben Nevis. After a rather uncomfortable few hours attempting to get some sleep the team rose at 5am, and began their 1,344m ascent of Ben Nevis. The team successful completed the challenge at 7.55am in a time of 23hrs 55mins.
The team celebrated with a well deserved drink after their descent. Tony Marchak (Vice-President, BP HR Operations) summed up the team¬タルs relief after they successfully completed the challenge and said ¬タワI want to congratulate you on completing the Three Peaks Challenge. I realise the demands of this challenge and the determination and effort required to climb the three mountains in 24 hours. This achievement is even more impressive given that you had to endure such terrible weather conditions throughout the entire event. You should be very proud of yourselves. We are all very proud of you.¬タン

Task Brasil would like to extend our huge thanks too all in the Accenture Team:

Adam Krajewski, Ajay Parmar, Andreas Binnmyr, Andrew Dickinson, Dirk Reichling, Colin Sloman, Jonny Dighe, Ken Grant, Laura Watt, Liz Puttick, Megan Kimbell, Peter Choate, Siobhan Pollock,

Great Capital Run 2008

July saw this year¬タルs great capital run in London¬タルs Hyde Park. Task Brasil supporters Kevin Tredea , Ruth Weyman and Richard Ashby were kind enough to run for us and raised much needed funds for our work in Brasil.

Kevin said:
¬タワOver the years I have always impressed with how Task Brasil have managed to help the street children and teenagers who live and work on the streets of Brazil and so

I felt that this year I will try to raise some money for the Task Brasil charity by doing the 10K Great Run in Hyde Park London.
The day went fantastically and I managed to run it in 53 minutes beating my last run by 6 minutes. I really hope to run for task Brasil again in the near future. ¬タワ

Ruth said:
In May, when I started this (fundraising) page, I'd just come back from a trip to South America, including Rio de Janeiro. Lots of people come back from longer and more involved trips having witnessed first hand the poverty of Brazil's street children and wanting to do something to make a difference. I returned from my short holiday having witnessed the wealth of the other half and it's the juxtaposition that made me want to raise as much as I could. Imagine seeing a child begging in Chelsea. We only saw one child living rough because the streets of Ipanema where we were staying were lined with expensive houses behind security gates and shiny glass shop fronts. Seeing him curled up asleep one night on a piece of cardboard outside our hotel made up my mind to do something to donate to a charity that would help him.

According to Richard:
"This may not be climbing Everest, but for someone who never runs anywhere unless there's a ball to chase or a bus to catch I assure you this is tantamount to temporary madness. (...)
It was a lovely morning in Hyde Park and I think the race went about as well as I could hope, being rather an amateur at this sort of thing. I finished in 45mins 12seconds. This would have been enough to get me a podium finsh, had there been 605 podia..."

A big thank you to all 3 runners!!!

If you are interested in running for us we would love to hear from you! We have places in next year¬タルs London Marathon so, if you are feeling really ambitious, please complete the form here and send it in to us!

Workshop of the Arts Exhibition

Bringing the colour of Brazil to London. Featuring 100 stunning contemporary artworks from Rio de Janeiro, organised by Passionart.
27th - 31th Oct 2008 2pm - 6pm - Canning House - 2 Belgrave Sq, London SW1X 8PJ
3rd - 7th Nov 2008 12pm - 8:30pm - Fairfield Halls, Park Lane, Croydon, CR9 1DG
contact us for further details!

Notice from Task Brasil
Task Brasil had an incident relating to its water supply at Casa Jimmy recently. If you require details, please contact us..

No ultimo dia 28 de julho 2008 houve um incidente na Casa Jimmy envolvendo a companhia de fornecimento de ᅢチgua, CEDAE. Colocamos-nos a disposiᅢ댃o para quaisquer esclarecimentos e reiteramos o nosso compromisso em realizar nosso trabalho de encontro ao estatuto desta organizaᅢ댃o, ao ECA e os mais elevados princᅢᆳpios. Aproveitamos para agradecer seu contᅢᆳnuo apoio ᅢᅠ Task Brasil , em benefᅢᆳcio ᅢᅠs crianᅢᄃas e adolescentes carentes.
Task Brasil

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NGO's - other support

The UK, US and Brazilian registered charity TASK BRASIL is delighted to link up with the Philadelphian Organisation for Brazilian Social Services - BOSS since Task Brasil's US office is in Philadelphia . A connection with the city's Brazilian community would increase awareness of the charity and reciprocally give the local Brazilian community another link with the homeland and its children and youth.

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Polo Match - Carnival Day !!!

Fat Boyz v Task Brasil Polo Match, 24th September 2006

The Royal Berkshire Polo Club in Windsor hosted this event which was a fantastic success, featuring the London School of Samba, a Brazilian style BBQ, plenty of drinks and a Task Brasil v Fat Boyz polo match. We are pleased to say that the Task Brasil team took home the winners trophy, which was hand-painted by a Brazilian artist who also works with street children.

Many thanks to our great supporters, Roy Moᅢᆱd and Silvia Costa, polo team members, who organised the event which attracted over 100 guests, and raised over ᅡᆪ15,000.

The day was initially conceived after Roy¬タルs 20 year old polo pony ¬タリFat Boy¬タル underwent 3 major operations after eating barbed wire which badly damaged his oesophagus. The operations were successful, but extremely expensive, which prompted Silvia (who has been a supporter of Task Brasil¬タルs work in Rio for many years) to question how many street children could have been helped with the money. Roy, who runs several airline businesses, became determined to raise the same amount of money for Task Brasil, and with Silvia¬タルs help they put on a great event.

The match nearly didn¬タルt happen due to extremely heavy rain overnight, which flooded the polo club, but after a few hours the skies had cleared and the day continued with beautiful sunshine.

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Schools & Universities support

Support from The Dragon School
In July of 2004 The Dragon School team (parents, teachers and pupils) visited Casa Jimmy, leaving behind a beautiful mural and great donation. Their support continue through the years. More recently in July07 Task Brasil was given another cheque from The Dragon School.

Arkansas University - mar2007
On Saturday, 11 March 2007 we were delighted the University of Arkansas trade group to visit Epsom College Farm.

The group consisted of 27 American individuals and one young Brazilian translator. On the way to the farm they enjoyed the stop-over at the queijaria (local cheese house).

At arrival they were introduced to the boys and local staff. The boys were divided and joined both groups. The team was divided into 2 groups and toured the farm, including a short visit to the nearby waterfall, for an hour. There was a short presentation by the farm manager, about ECF project, the region and the farm. It included visits to: the main house and the volunteer house, solar panels, orchards, fish pond (fed the fishes), the orchard, the manioc plantation, fruit trees, sweet potatoes, vegetable gardens, plot for future house, football ground, sugar cane, pineapple, and finished in the banana plantation after looking at the reservoir and spring. They harvested banana.

Then both groups met at the house and had lunch, a nice feijoada and mousse de maracuja. After that it was time for the second tour, the group who had been to the waterfall went on the farm tour and vice versa. It was a very hot day, 35C in the shade, probably 50 in full sun, similar temperatures in Arkansas during the summer.

After the tour at 3:30 pm when it was time to go, they gave presents to the boys (shirts, school material...) that they had brought with them from USA. They also gave R$ 356 and US$ 219 in cash which was a donation that the group made very spontaneously after the visit.

On the way back they visited Casa Jimmy.

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Task Brasil new address from Aug 2004

From 31st August 2004 our new telephone number is + 44 20 7735 5545, Fax no. +44 20 7735 5675. Please send all communications to PO BOX 4901, London SE16 3PP, England

or e-mail us on

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Task Brasil Inc is a member of Great Houston Partnership in Texas (GHP) since January 2007

USA Party! in Philadelphia
On May 15th May 2004 there was another fundraising party by Task Brasil Inc in the USA. The venue was the Katz Civic Center, Pleasant valley Way, West Orange, New Jersey, USA from 12 noon to 5pm. It was agreat party!

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The volunteer placement scheme in Rio continues to be a great success. The volunteers stay for anything up to 12 months and make an excellent contribution to the work of Task Brasil.

At Casa Jimmy, they are vital to the running of the house, and at Epsom College Farm they are doing invaluable work. They are also supporting the Street Approach Programme.

Some of the very special volunteers are: Heike Gufler, Gina Cooper and Zoe O¬タルFlynn, Ellie Cameron, Caitlin Griffin, Frank Maddin, Leon Pearson, Kate Clark, Emma Ahlas, David Salpeter, Aisling Flanagan, Candice D¬タルSilva, Beatriz Rodrᅢᆳguez Cordero, Allegra Machiavelli, Lauren Hopkins and Keith Mein who will always be missed. Thank you for all your hard work and commitment.

A big thank you to Andrew Smith and Lee Smith and SWAY PLC for lending us their building skills at Epsom College Farm and Casa Jimmy.

Thanks to British Airways for providing us with low cost flights.

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Publications- Work of Task Brasil

Working Abroad Magazine has generously featured us in their current issue! Check them out at

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Madeleine Peyroux

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Day 6: (Penrith to Glasgow) - Glasgow Grind... Bike Ride

Day 1: (Land¬タルs End to Tavistock) Cornwall Conquered!
Day 2: (Tavistock to Cheddar) Devon Downer/Somerset Stormer
Day 3: (Cheddar to Tenbury Wells) Six Counties Romp
Day 4: (Tenbury Wells to Warrington) The Peloton Rolls into the North West
Day 5: (Warrington to Penrith) The Tour reaches Scotland
Day 7 (Glasgow to Fort William) Highland Jinks
Day 8: (Fort William to Inverness) Loch Stock...
Day 9: (Inverness to Wick) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED on DAY 9 to John O¬タルGroats!!!!

Until today the peloton had enjoyed clear skies, dry conditions and balmy temperatures, so it was perhaps fitting that Scotland should herald the wake-up call. No sooner had we left Gretna when the clouds moved in and the incessant drizzle gave us a three hour soaking. On the plus side, the climb up the mountains to Glasgow was on a traffic free road with the perfect gradient: an ascent of 1,300ft over 40 miles. So the peloton was in surprisingly good spirits at the lunch break, enhanced by piping Scotch Broth and sandwiches made al fresco at the rear of the Managers car! All best replica handbags for women sale online.

The descent into the Clyde Valley was only marked by an unplanned excursion onto one of the many Motorways that encircle Glasgow. Otherwise, the highlight of the afternoon was hot tea and fresh cream cakes from the back of the Manager's car!

Yellow jersey therefore for Clive Green for culinary excellence.

The King of the Mountains award was hotly contested with Nepalese Nick making an early surge (hoping to grab the morning headlines in the Kathmandu Gazette). Eventually it went to Aidan Pope, although there were allegations of foul play and clandestine meetings with dubious Chinese doctors. A urine test is scheduled for 6 am tomorrow.

We arrived after 100 miles to the north of Glasgow, ready for our three day assault on the Highlands.

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